Funny Videos

Replacement Dad (video) – The Worst Generation

November 18, 2016 MikeMarbach

Mom what’s going on, that clearly isn’t Dad. Did it happen.. again? Sometimes the replacement is better than the original. And sometimes not… The Worst Generation is a PHIT Comedy Digital Sketch Team.

Funny Videos

Vote (Video) – The Flat Earth

November 7, 2016 MikeMarbach

It’s a historic moment for America. Who do YOU choose? Are YOU going to be a part of it? The Flat Earth is a Philly Improv Theater sketch comedy house team featuring Jacquie Baker, Vincent […]


The Return of Beirdo

October 3, 2016 Tom Hannigan Beirdo is an improv trio consisting of Daniel Jaquette, Kevin Pettit and Dennis Trafny. Although the three performers now live in different cities they reassemble whenever possible. On Thursday October 6th, the group will be doing […]

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