Andrew Makes A Case Podcast

Andrew Makes A Case #15: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation Featuring Shannon Fahey

To celebrate Halloween, we sat down with Stay Dead’s Shannon Fahey to watch what was intended to be the “true” sequel to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre but ended up being a weird movie with future stars and no actual chainsaw related deaths. This movie has psycho hillbilly’s but the absolute worst person is still a bro named Barry.

Andrew Makes A Case #14: Disaster Movie Featuring Hunter Steffes

We close our initial episodes by watching one of the worst things the guys who make terrible things ever made. This movie is filled with shit you forgot about 2008. It is not good by any metric and we’re glad these kind of movies aren’t that popular anymore.

Andrew Makes A Case #13: Exit to Eden Featuring Rob O’Neil

This is the first of many episodes where we’ll pick films submitted to us through our social media to watch and record an episode on. Of the many films submitted, Rob O’Neil’s suggestion of the 1994 BDSM comedy was the clear winner. Dan Aykroyd goes way too far undercover in this movie. Rosie O’Donnell crushes it. Garry Marshall made this and there needs to be a commentary track somewhere with him.

Andrew Makes A Case #12: Return of the Jedi – Commentary Track

We watch Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and record a commentary track for what we’re calling this seasons Tommy Teardown. In this episode, Tom makes an argument to Andrew about why this beloved movie actually isn’t that great. You don’t need to watch this while listening to have a good experience. This movie is 2 movies in it and one of them’s awesome.

Andrew Makes A Case #11: Flubber Featuring Lali Gill

We watch the Robin Williams classic and record from a top secret location you can never guess. Our guest is actual scientist Lali Gil, who helps break down some of the science behind Flubber. A flying Car a much bigger deal than dancing Jelly. Robin Williams the worst Fiance ever. Shooter McGavin such a great villain.

Andrew Makes A Case #10: Trans5mers: The Last Knight Featuring Sheila Master

We check out the latest installment in the Transformers series and discuss why it’s terrible overall. For this discussion we’re joined by Sheila Master. Emotions will get the best of us here. Anthony Hopkins did not know what was happening here. Mark Wahlberg hates education and books.