Elvis, And

Elvis, And Dr. Nick

June 1, 2016 WooderCooler

SEASON 2: Episode 10: “Elvis, And Dr. Nick.” No one was a bigger enabler of “E” than the man who’d become known as “Dr. Nick.” Every slippery slope has a beginning. Jump on and enjoy the […]

Elvis, And

“Elvis, And Choking”

December 31, 2015 WooderCooler

Episode 8: “Elvis, And Choking.” The King loved his food, but sometimes couldn’t be bothered to chew it. That’s where his “Memphis Mafians” came into play.  With: Brendan Carr, Lew Indellini, Kevin Regan, and Adam Wahlberg. […]

Elvis, And

“Elvis, And Spiritualism”

November 1, 2015 WooderCooler

Episode 6: “Elvis, And Spiritualism.” The King develops a relationship with his new hair dresser that he attributes to a higher power. Does his study of “Spiritualism” come with super natural powers? Of course not! But […]

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