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Didja Eat #25: Aubrie Williams

November 1, 2016 WooderCooler

Aubrie Williams is a hilariously gifted Sketch Comedy Writer and Performer here in the Philadelphia area with groups ManiPedi and Goat Rodeo. She is also a huge food fan and we sat down to chat […]

Didja Eat

Didja Eat? #24: Derek Sheen

September 18, 2016 WooderCooler

Nicole Yates sits down with comedian Derek Sheen to talk Seattle food, music & life on the road! Catch up with Derek at and buy his albums! http://traffic.libsyn.com/didjaeat/Derek_Sheen_.mp3 http://www.derektime.com Derek on Twitter & Facebook DidjaEat? on […]

Didja Eat

DidjaEat? #22: John Tole

July 31, 2016 WooderCooler

Comedian John Tole sat down to talk Metal, Corporate America, Comedy and Minimalism. Check it out! http://traffic.libsyn.com/didjaeat/John_Tole_22.mp3 http://johntole.com http://www.facebook.com/pitboss2000 https://www.facebook.com/johntolecomedy http://4256productions.libsyn.com/ https://twitter.com/JohnTole http://www.didjaeat.com http://twitter.com/didja_eat http://instagram.com/didja_eat http://yatesycomedy.com http://twitter.com/yatesy75 http://instagram.com/yatesy75 Source: Didja eat

Didja Eat

DidjaEat? #20: Famous Fat Dave

July 14, 2016 WooderCooler

Dave Freedenberg aka Famous Fat Dave took me for a mini food tour in his White Checker Cab named Sweetness!  This is a fantastic episode to celebrate 20 episodes of DidjaEat! http://traffic.libsyn.com/didjaeat/FFD.mp3 Please check out […]

Didja Eat

Didja Eat?: Featuring Jake Dell

June 3, 2016 WooderCooler

I sat down to have a great chat with Jake Dell from Katz’s Deli in NYC! You can practically smell the pastrami thru the speakers! http://traffic.libsyn.com/didjaeat/katzs.mp3 Katz’s Deli DidajEat? DidjaEat? on Instagram DidjaEat? on Twitter […]

Didja Eat

Didja Eat?: Featuring Joe Moore

March 7, 2016 WooderCooler

I sat down with Pizza Enthusiast & Comedian Joe Moore! http://traffic.libsyn.com/didjaeat/joe_moore_didjaeat_ep_18.mp3 http://www.facebook.com/didjaeatfoodblog didjaeat.com DidjaEat on Instagram DidjaEat on Twitter Source: Didja eat

Didja Eat

Didja Eat?: Featuring Meghan Walsh

June 15, 2015 WooderCooler

DidjaEat? Episode 16: Meghan Walsh, from the Food Trust, sits down with Nicole Yates and chats about the all the Non-Profit work they do to battle hunger as well as Night Market. http://traffic.libsyn.com/didjaeat/meghan_walsh_food_trust.mp3 Follow DidjaEat? […]

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