The Return of Beirdo

October 3, 2016 Tom Hannigan Beirdo is an improv trio consisting of Daniel Jaquette, Kevin Pettit and Dennis Trafny. Although the three performers now live in different cities they reassemble whenever possible. On Thursday October 6th, the group will be doing […]


Fjord’s Going to Canada!

August 16, 2016 Tom Hannigan

Fjord is an improv house team at the Philly Improv Theater that’s been performing for just over a year and a half. They’re currently having an IndeGoGo campaign to help finance their trip to perform […]


Q & A with Alli Soowal on Dual Duel

July 8, 2016 Tom Hannigan

Alli Soowal is an improviser, instructor and director who’s made her mark both in short and long form around Philadelphia. At Figment Theater, Alli was a member of The Avengers and directed Rufus. She has […]

Elvis, And

Elvis, And Dr. Nick

June 1, 2016 WooderCooler

SEASON 2: Episode 10: “Elvis, And Dr. Nick.” No one was a bigger enabler of “E” than the man who’d become known as “Dr. Nick.” Every slippery slope has a beginning. Jump on and enjoy the […]

Elvis, And

“Elvis, And Choking”

December 31, 2015 WooderCooler

Episode 8: “Elvis, And Choking.” The King loved his food, but sometimes couldn’t be bothered to chew it. That’s where his “Memphis Mafians” came into play.  With: Brendan Carr, Lew Indellini, Kevin Regan, and Adam Wahlberg. […]

Elvis, And

“Elvis, And Spiritualism”

November 1, 2015 WooderCooler

Episode 6: “Elvis, And Spiritualism.” The King develops a relationship with his new hair dresser that he attributes to a higher power. Does his study of “Spiritualism” come with super natural powers? Of course not! But […]

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