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I Am A Traditional Man

July 16, 2016 WooderCooler

I am a traditional man. I have traditional values. As far as I am concerned, that’s not a bad thing. It’s how I was raised, it’s how my Daddy was raised, and his Daddy before […]


I Will Be Your Six Flags Martyr

June 29, 2016 WooderCooler

I will take one for the team this summer. I will forgo the thrills and joyful stomach flips produced by the numerous adventure rides in the park. I will decline participation in the creation of […]


The Better Sneeze

June 4, 2016 WooderCooler

In 1894, Thomas Edison’s production company made the first ever copyrighted film, Fred Ott’s Sneeze. The film lasted only a few seconds and depicted the office funnyman doing one of his signature gag sneezes. It […]

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