SRM S07E04: Be A Dragon

August 7, 2017 WooderCooler

This episode of Stark Raven Mad covers Season 7 Episode 4 titled “The Spoils of War”. In what was the best episode of Season 7 and arguably one of the best of the series, Dany […]


SRM S07E03: Cure A Mormont

July 31, 2017 WooderCooler

In this episode of Stark Raven Mad we cover Season 7 Episode 3 of Game of Thrones titled ‘The Queen’s Justice”. An all around great episode with the very long awaited meeting of Dany and […]

Bloody Sunday: The Strain Podcast

Bloody Sunday S04E01/E02: Back Inaction

July 30, 2017 WooderCooler

This episode of Bloody Sunday covers season four episode 1 and 2 of the Strain titled “The Worm Turns” and “The Blood Tax” respectively. We check in a few months (years?) after season 3 when […]

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