Hot Mess Podcast

Hot Mess #6: Philadelphia

June 12, 2017 Matt Garren

The Matt’s go back to the early nineties to visit the city in which they reside (or near).  Somehow these local Philly(ish) boys have never seen this Tom Hanks/Denzel classic and they’re making amends.  But […]

Hot Mess Podcast

Hot Mess #5: A Monster Calls

May 30, 2017 Matt Garren

This. Is. The. One.  Like the hosts, you may have missed this British export in theaters this past December and written it off as some C-rate kids movie with Groot as the star, but holy […]

Hot Mess Podcast

Hot Mess #4: Fences

May 16, 2017 Matt Garren

The Matts get teary to this tale of a shitheap father and his never-good-enough son.  With sad dad stuff and reunion scenes in store, this one swings for their hearts, but does it hit home?  We […]

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