Reheated S03E02: Australia or Burst

April 24, 2017 MikeMarbach

This episode of Reheated covers season 3 episode 2 titled “Don’t Be Ridiculous”. For anyone, like us, that wanted more Perfect Strangers we certainly got it with this episode. From the title, to the theme […]


Reheated S03E01: Gary F’n Busey

April 17, 2017 MikeMarbach

After an over year long departure, HBO’s the Leftovers has returned for its third season. The premiere, “Book of Kevin”, saw most major season two characters back though things are quite different from where we left off. It was a very strong premiere that lays the groundwork for what is looking to be a crazy third and final season. The Reheated panel breaks it all down for you and speculates a bit for what’s to come. Just like the show, the premiere sees many major season two panel members back. Thanks to David Donnella, Jolie Darrow, Sean Keegan-Landis, and Rob Alesiani for the insight and laughs. If you enjoy the show please rate and review us! […]

Breaking Goodman

Breaking Goodman S03E01: Gus Cap

April 12, 2017 MikeMarbach

We are back for the Season 3 premiere of Better Call Saul! This episode, titled “Mabel”, has us picking up right where we left off in Season 2. This episode was more checking in with […]


SRM: Should Have Gone Home

March 21, 2017 MikeMarbach

And we’re back! Although maybe we shouldn’t be just yet. In this episode we talk about some Game of Thrones show and casting news and that big dumb block of ice. That’s pretty much it, […]

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