Kid Goggles #33: The Hugga Bunch w/ Lizzie Spellman (improv!)


Everyone needs hugs, right?  Even if they come from dead-eyed puppets that have been watching you through your bedroom mirror for “a long time” from a nightmarish hellscape which they pressure you to enter lest your grandma be imprisoned in a retirement home… right? If you’re improviser-extraordinaire, Lizzie Spellman, then that answer is yes.  It’s not clear what came first: her love of hugging or her love of The Hugga Bunch, but nevertheless, this 1985 TV-movie kind of saved her life — for real.  Find out how and also find out why everyone in this movie is trying to get “squishy”, what a perplexiconic chemical miracle is, and what it means to be an American Citizen.