Kid Goggles #32: The Mask of Zorro w/ Derrick Robbins (Wild Dust!)

Miss me?

Thought KG would forget about Zorro?  That’s because you are stupid. (jk it’s a quote from the movie).  Lead singer of the rock ‘n roll band, Wild Dust, and hero of his childhood cul-de-sac, Derrick Robbins, loved Zorro so much as a kid he even donned the mask and cape himself… with hilarious results.  What does it sound like to punch out of a grave?  Why does Antonio Banderas knowingly drink water from a jug containing his brother’s severed head?  And what does Anthony Hopkins really sound like?  Also, most Welsh people in a movie about Spanish and Mexican people? PLUS: More Hot Takes with Engineer AJ!!!

Check out Wild Dust!  Live March 15th!