Kid Goggles #30: Beverly Hills 90210 w/ Melinda Messina (improv!)

Donna doll, where are you?

Kid Goggles kicks off 2018 in 90210! The original teen soap was a favorite of the then-five-year-old and now magnificent improviser, Melinda Messina, who spent her childhood wishing Brandon was her older brother.  But Brandon was definitely wishing he could be with his sister, Brenda, but Brenda was trying to get with Rex Manning, but her best friend Kelly said she had to be honest about being 16 — unlike Andrea who lies about being poor, much like Gabrielle Carteris who lied about being 29 in order to play Andrea! Not enough drama?  Kid Goggles unearths the truth about Melinda’s “real” mom, Luke Perry cries in a corner, and KG finally gets to the bottom of that chem class toxic waste scandal!

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