My First Sketch #57: Marissa Edelman of The Amazing Flying Edelmen

57 Marissa Edelman of The Amazing Flying Edelmen
This week, Josh talks to Marissa Edelman about working with her brother, growing up on Monty Python, and Blackadder Season 4, Episode 6. Marissa can be seen next as The Amazing Flying Edelmen present The Decline of Western Culture on June 10 at 7pm with Trigger Warning opening. Tickets available at Then, Gimmick Show returns to PHIT on June 17 at 1030pm. The Edelmen will also be performing at Couples Skate at PHIT on June 22 and 29, both of those at 9pm. Tickets for those three shows are available at And My First Sketch with The Incredible Shrinking Matt and Jacquie at Philly Pod Fest on PHIT’s Second Stage on July 23 at 430pm.

Source: My First Sketch