Mani Pedi: Episode One (Video) – Mani Pedi

Four red hot super spies use the power of friendship and feminism to go ballistic on the patriarchy. Created by Philadelphia sketch group, Mani Pedi.

Tara Demmy as Demmiver
Aubrie Williams as Williamson
Corin Wells as Wellington
Caitlin Weigel as Weilley
Rob Gentile as Manuel
Daniel Corkery as Cowboy and Mr. Cooper
Rob Baniewicz as Stingy

Directed by Paul Triggiani
Title Animation by Daniel Corkery
Animation by Daniel Corkery
Edited by Andrew Weigel
Original Theme and Fighting Music by Fred Brown and Drew Evans
Theme Song Vocals by Martha Stuckey
JFK Painting by Allison Boegemann
MP Phone by Paul Triggiani
MP Logo by Whitney Harris
Produced by Mani Pedi
Written by Caitlin Weigel

Special Thanks to Tim Harris and Erin Pitts.