New Indie Comedy Show Coming to South Philly Friday

The Friday Night Chim Cham Debuts Friday, December 16th

Headlong Studios, formerly the Arts Parlor, has long been a stop for indie comedy shows in Philly. Its cheap rentals, convenient off Broad location, and BYOB-edness has made this sweaty dance studio a fixture in the Philly comedy scene year after year. The recent history of recurring shows begins with The Sideshow which begat The Brewery which begat Friday Night Riot. Starting Friday, December 16th, 2016 a new monthly comedy show will b̶e̶g̶a̶t̶ begin. Get ready for the Friday Night Chim Cham!

Don’t know what a Chim Cham is? Well don’t look it up in the Urban Dictionary like I did. Chim Chammer Melinda Messina describes it like this, “A Chim Cham is a place where friends can giggle, frolic and play amongst the wild things and where curfews never come.”. Much better than what I read online when I looked. Making up the Friday Night Chim Cham is the aforementioned Melinda Messina as well as Gina Gennari, Jamie Glasheen, Casey Hogan, Sean Sullivan and Peter Szekeres.

Though Philly now has two full time comedy theaters that regularly give opportunities to outside acts, improv specifically, the scene has grown at such a rate that there’s always a need for more. “The Philly comedy scene is so lush with different groups and artists that we wanted to have another platform to provide the indie community with.” Like their indie comedy showcase ancestors before them, the Chim Cham looked to “the Parlor” to host thir show. “Headlong has a rich nostalgic factor as it’s been the residence for many comedy shows. One thing is abundantly clear – people love to perform/watch comedy at this space. This venue always pulls in a great crowd and some of the best shows have happened on that stage.”

As if the debut of their new show, new team and new name isn’t enough to pull you in, they’ve also stacked the show with some of the best including Neighborhood Watch, Kid Handsome, and Max & Maggy. The show will be hosted by the very, very funny (and someone you should definitely be following on twitter) Rachel Fogletto and will be rounded out with some Christmas Chim Cham Cheer in the shape of Mike Marbach reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in roughly 40 different celebrity voices. As Melinda puts it, “Basically everything that a Naughty Nice or a Nice Naughty person would ever need. Please note that this is a one night event and not eight.”

A Good Old Fashioned Chim Cham Eve
Friday, December 16th, 2016 @ 8:30 p.m.
Headlong Studios, 1170 S. Broad Street
$5.00, BYOB, Plus Free Beer at Show