Jason Cheffetz Press Conference Transcript 10-26-16

I Will Not Defend or Endorse Donald Trump, But I Will Publicly Declare He Has My Vote

“Hey everybody. Thanks for coming by. I’ll keep this short and I’ll keep this sweet. I will not defend or endorse Donald Trump, but I want to be put on record as saying that he has my vote. Now I’ll allow for a few questions before I skedaddle on outta here. Jim, you’re up… Ok. Right. Sure. Well, no, Jim,  I don’t think that publicly stating that I’m voting for a specific person over another pretty much amounts to an endorsement. How so? I’ll tell you how so, Jim. As I’ve said, as recently as one minute ago, I will not endorse him. I won’t. In fact- I can’t. He’s said such terrible things and as you all know, I’m a family man. I have a daughter that I love and I would never do anything that put her respect for me in jeopardy. Claire, your hand was up. Yes, that’s true, Claire. When the Billy Bush thing came out I did rescind my endorsement and state that I would not vote for him on Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell and I did worry how I’d look my daughter in the eye if I endorsed Donald Trump. This is why I’m not endorsing him. Next question.. Claire with the follow-up… How do I look her in the eye now? I’m not sure I follow. Ah, Ok. I see the confusion. Well, Claire, as I previously pointed out- now multiple times- I am not endorsing Donald Trump. I am voting for him, yes, but I said I am not defending or endorsing. It’s when I was endorsing him that I worried about what she would think, but I’m not endorsing him. That’s how I look her in the eye now. I look at her eye to eye and I say daugther, your daddy loves you enough to not defend or endorse Donald Trump. Rob, please ask something of substance. What changed? What changed when? Between rescinding my endorsement and now? Nothing, Rob. Because for the last time, I’m not endorsing him. Yes! Yes I’m voting for him. Last question! Anita. You want me to read the highlighted passage from this book? Ok, Fine. I’ll bite. “Endorsement: an act of giving one’s public approval or support to someone or something.” Anyone else? Maybe some Benghazi questions?”

Jason Cheffetz, Paul Ryan and the rest that state that they can not endorse Donald Trump, but publicly declare they are voting for him are cowards. Spineless goons with no convictions that will go any way the wind blows even if it means selling themselves out and losing the respect of their families. Say what you will about John Kasich, he has not waivered. You know where he stands. Cheffetz and those like him are tying to play all sides and while doing so they expose they stand for nothing.