Fjord’s Going to Canada!

But first they want to barter with some cool stuff.

Fjord is an improv house team at the Philly Improv Theater that’s been performing for just over a year and a half. They’re currently having an IndeGoGo campaign to help finance their trip to perform in the Vancouver International Improv Festival in October. Here’s what some of them have to say about the experience.

Is this Fjord’s first time traveling for a festival?

Joe: Outside of the US, yes. But we have performed in two DCM’s and at The Albright Improv Festival.

Sarah: First time traveling- we have traveled to NY together to perform at Annoyance and we went to the Albright Improv Festival. We have never flown together though and I’M EXCITED!!!

Kathryn: No we go everywhere together. Like EVERYwhere

Have any of you been to Canada before?

Joe: I have not

Gab: No

Alex: Alex has never been to Canada.

Sarah: I have been to Canada, one time my family was in Michigan. We literally crossed the border, got fried chicken, and went back. I’m counting that as a YES.

Kathryn: Never been to Canada eh.

What made Vancouver a festival you wanted to apply to?

Joe: For me it was the chance to travel and represent Philadelphia Improv on a worldwide stage. We were accepted into another international festival but Vancouver was a little more manageable.

Kathryn: Joe does the applying. I follow his lead.

Is everyone going to be traveling for this show? 

Fjord playing on the PHIT Mainstage.
Fjord performing on the PHIT Mainstage.

Joe: YES!

Sarah: Everyone traveling. The whole crew is going! Our amazing coach Kristen Schier will also be there performing with her duo (The Amie & Kristen/Kristen & Amie Show).

Kathryn: Yeah dog. Started from the bottom now we here. Started from the bottom now the WHOLE team fucking here (get it? Drake is Canadian).

Do you know when you’re performing when you’re up there?

Joe: Our show is Thursday October 6th at 9:30pm

Alex: Alex Coffey does not understand time zones, performance time still mystery for him.

Kathryn: I have no clue where we’re going. Like I said I follow Joe.

You’re currently running a IndeGoGo campaign to help offset expenses for your trip. What made you decide to do that?

Gab: We’re an improv team made up of different people who do wildly different things for day jobs. It’s an awesome thing, but it also means some of us aren’t financially prepared to travel to Vancouver. We felt like reaching out to the community and offering them t:shirts and workshops could allow our entire team to make our first international trip. IndeGoGo just seemed like a good place to keep track of it all and to include the Philly community in a journey that we’re really psyched about. As you know, improvisers typically aren’t paid for performances and part of legitimizing our art form, aside from the consistent work we do here in Philadelphia, is branching out, bringing the work elsewhere, and supporting other communities and events that are also making the same effort.

Kathryn: Crowdfunding is an age old tradition. I can remember the good old days of canning on the corners for soccer uniforms. Asking the cars whizzing by to throw us some pennies. With technology these days, it only makes sense to do digital canning.

What are the incentives you’ve listed for people to donate to your campaign?

The Fjord shirt is one of the things being offered in their IndeGoGo campaign.
A Fjord t-shirt is one of the things being offered in their IndeGoGo campaign.

Joe: The featured one is our brand new Fjord shirt design! We also have coaching session and workshops offered by me and Sarah. Joe is offering a workshop on finding the Why within a scene and Sarah is doing one on using your voice.

Kathryn: You want to know about incentives? Checkout the website

After Vancouver do you think you’d like to continue traveling to other festivals?

Gab: We’d love to! But we probably won’t be able to do anything international again for a long time. We’ve had to say no to international festivals before, and this was the first one we felt like was financially in crowdfunding reach. But there are great theaters all over the US and we look forward to reaching as many as we possibly can!

Joe: That really depends on where and when. We won’t be going anywhere outside the US soon but we will hopefully be doing more festivals within the US.

Kathryn: There’s a good chance that Vancouver will be fjords yoko Ono. The only way to find out is to donate to the go fund me and join the listserv (yes I did just suggest that fjord is the Beatles of the improv world)

What’s the number one non:improv thing you’re all looking most forward to while in Canada?

Gab: Grouse Mountain has a sky ride gondola that I’m really looking forward to having a panic attack in.

Joe: A moose or something? I’ve never left the country before so really i’m just excited to see Canada.

Alex: Alex Coffey hopes the inflight movie is a comedy.

Sarah: Looking forward to poutine. Mmmmmm

Kathryn: Drugs and stricter gun laws.

You can currently catch Fjord performing at the Philly Improv Theater on Saturday’s in either the 9:00pm or 10:30pm block of shows.

For more information of Fjord’s IndeGoGo campaign you can follow this link,

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