I mean, sure, he’s bad. But It’s not like he’s going to… wait. What?

I mean look.  We all know he’s bad.  Like, he’s not good.  But just wait.  He’s not nearly as bad as they’re making him out to… wait.  What did he do?

Shit.  I mean, wow.  Shit.  That just… Shit.   Well, look.  He’s feeling attacked, right? So he’s gonna lash out.  He’s going to defend himself.  I mean you would too, right?  You’d lash out.  You’d… wait.  No.

Fuck.  Wow.  I mean.  Yeah, that looks bad.  But like, you know at Christmas Mass, and there’s like a bunch of kids there and they’re crying because you know that they just want to go home and wait for Santa.  And sure, you’d never shout at those parents to get them out of there, but you’re also kinda hoping the kid will stop crying.  I mean, yeah sure, me neither.  I’m just saying you could see where he’s coming from and maybe he just felt the pressure of the…

Get the fuck out of here.  No.  No way. You’re kidding.

…No.  No shitting way.  No shitting ass way.  Ok, there has to be something else going on here.  What about…

Oh no.

A knife.  And fork.  How did he not learn his lesson from this?

Ok.  Phew.  Take a step back from the edge here.  He’s just a man, right? One guy.  He’s got a family.  So, look at his kids.  That humanizes him, right?  I mean look at his kids.

I mean. Shit.
This is fine. Everything is fine.

Fuck. Shit on a fuck.  Fuck. FUCK. Fuck.

Ok.  Look.  Both sides have their issues. Right?  I mean, lets not act like both sides don’t have their issues and skeletons in their closets.

Vampire Trump

Ok, fuck you.  Seriously.  That’s just a picture of him as a dracula.

Trump Frown

That’s… I mean I guess that’s better.  Still unnerving, but… Fuck.

Ok, you win.  He’s terrible.  I tried to be reasonable.  I just… Fuck.