Exit Interview with Steve Kleinedler: Andy Moskowitz

In EXIT INTERVIEW, local improviser Steve Kleinedler asks former members of the Philadelphia comedy scene about their time here and what they’re up to now.

Today we’re chatting with Andy Moskowitz! While in Philadelphia, he was a member of Fletcher at the Philly Improv Theater, ComedySportz, Pasiones de Pasiones (with Ralph Andracchio and Mike Marbach), and Jessica Tandy (with Jessica Ross). Currently, Andy’s a researcher for the comedy show Black & White, which premieres July 13 on A&E. He’s also on the Magnet Theater’s house team Ariana Grande as part of the Magnet’s Thursday night block.

Steve Kleinedler: What years were you in Philly?

Andy Moskowitz: I lived in Philly from 2007 to 2012. Took my first improv class (PHIT 101 with Alli Soowal) in 2009

SK: What prompted you to leave Philly?

AM: I was doing a ton of shortform with ComedySportz and a good amount of longform with PHIT. When my team at PHIT got retired, I started thinking about what I wanted to do next. I knew I wanted to focus on longform over shortform. I’d recently seen teams from the Magnet and UCB & realized if I ever wanted to be that good, I’d have to move to New York.

SK: What do you miss most about Philly?

AM: Getting coffee at Kristen Schier at the Greenline. Running along the Schuylkill river. Playing with Jess Ross. The big crowds at ComedySportz. And the food (which is way better than New York)

SK: What’s your favorite recollection about the Philly comedy scene?

AM: Jess and I used to warm up by taking flashlights under a blanket and making silly faces and doing silly voices. I still think it’s best duo warm up ever invented, but I can’t get any cynical New Yorkers to partake.

SK: What would it take for you to move back?

AM: A free apartment.

Steve Kleinedler is a director, instructor, and performer at the Philly Improv Theater.