Breaking Goodman S01E10: It’s All Good, Man.

This episode of Breaking Goodman talks about Season 1 Episode 10 of Better Call Saul entitled “Marco”. We have reached the end of the much hyped and expectation passing first season of Better Call Saul. The finale was a bit of a come down after last week, but this sets up the beginning of the guy we know from Breaking Bad. We have the beginnings of Saul Goodman. This season, in itself, has been a great origin story for the character. Whether you watched Breaking Bad or not I have to think that this was a good story for everyone. Though as we’ve said many times on the podcast, if you didn’t watch Breaking Bad- go and do that. Until you do… you’re kind of a weirdo.

I’d like to do an off season episode or two, but for the most part this is it for a year or so. I hope to have everyone back that did this season as well as finally get you Mr. Kettleman’s name. And Ned’s notes. Thanks to him, Mike Henley, Samantha Russell Craig and Brian Craig for making this a really fun show to not just watch, but also discuss. Thanks again to Chris Calletta for the graphics. And thanks to where you can go to register for a FREE trial of the Audible service, which also gets this podcast a few bucks.

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